Inflatable Kayaks have undergone great revolution from once little more than pool toys to now improved and efficient modern inflatable models. Today’s inflatable kayaks can withstand sharp rocks and high waters thanks to the rugged materials they have been made with.

But while there are many brands of inflatable kayaks built today, not all have the same degree of quality. Some will offer you memorable years of adventure while others will leave you disappointed and deflated.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have combined experts’ reports and user ratings to come up with our top 5 best inflatable kayaks you can buy.

1. Sevylor Quickpak K1

With most kayaks, you have to deal with the problem of rigidity, and some are too heavy and unwieldy. Luckily the Sevylor Quickpak K1 will take a short time, probably 15 minutes to inflate and set it up. In fact, with practice, you can inflate and set it up in less than 10 minutes.

It’s designed as a backpack to make it easier for you to hike in water. Better yet, it comes with straps attached on the sides to make paddling easier. If you have a convertible or a motor cycle that cannot fit in the kayak, don’t worry as the back pack offers the perfect place for that.

The Sevylor Quickpak K1 is durable having been made with 21-gauge PVC which can be used in gentle lakes. The bottom of the kayak features Tarpaulin which proves durable for most occasions.

What’s more, it uses multiple chambers making it safe in a case where one chamber develops a puncture. With it, you will not sink right away, and it will still feel stable. You will also find it remarkably easy to change the direction as the Sevylor Quickpak K1 is very responsive to changes in direction thanks to the small skegs on the rear and front of the hull.

What puts it in the category of the best inflatable kayak is you can use it even when visiting a lake and enjoy relaxing rides.


– Ensures a speedy preparation which means more time for you in water, and your enthusiasm will not be affected by the tedious inflation process.

– Puncture isn’t a major emergency as it has multiple air chambers.

– The stability is impressive

– Very responsive to changes in direction


– On choppy waters, the kayak may get too bouncy.

– With its light weight, it can be affected by strong winds.

2. Sea Eagle SE370

The Sea Eagle SE370 can be termed as the best inflatable Kayak among the Sea Eagle kayaks’ lineup with the quality of service it offers. Well, most girls think it’s cute, but it’s pretty much a monster when paddling with it in water.

The fantastic kayak is a 2-person kayak but even a third person cannot be left behind, and with an astounding 650 pounds of capacity weight, that’s okay. With such weight, you can also bring along camping supplies, enough for several days because it’s a tough Kayak.

The hull uses 38mm Polykrylar and the floor is very robust featuring the I-beam construction. The shell material is resistant to salty water and sun making the kayak suitable for most waters. The seams remain as a single solid piece with the complex wielding that they have undergone.

You need not to worry about Class 3 Whitewater or the ocean surf as the kayak has a self-bailing drain valve that will deal with that, plus you can look for inflatable spray skirts that can be lashed down. To make tracking easier and better across the water, the Sea Eagle SE370 features two fins at the bottom.

What makes it one of the best inflatable kayaks is the lots of storage space it offers in case you want to go fishing or camping. You can even take out the second seat if you need more space; that makes it incredibly versatile.

Surprisingly, it’s also lightweight that you can carry it all by your lonesome into the water. In fact, it packs tightly that you can carry it in a single bag. Better yet, inflating and setting it up won’t take you too long. Sea Eagles talk of about 8 minutes but unless you’re seeking to set your record on the setup, you can take around 15 minutes.


– Very quick to inflate and deflate

– Lightweight and portable.

– Has lots of storage space.

– It’s a “true” 2-person kayak


– If you paddle it alone and you do not have much weight, strong winds may be a problem.

3. Intex Explorer K2 Yellow

With Intex Explorer K2, you’ll undoubtedly acquire an inflatable kayak that will take you to the lake easily and quickly. The 10-foot Kayak features a puncture resistant, sturdy vinyl that’s highly puncture proof as well as UV damage proof. With its great looking color yellow it’s one of the most visible kayaks in the water.

It features two inflatable seats making it a 2-person kayak and has handles at the back and front as well as grab lines. The seats have been made with adjustable backrests which ensure comfort and extra support.

To keep the right track of the direction in calm waters, the Intex Explorer K2 has a removable skeg for enhanced directional stability.

The body features two separate air chambers which mean that if one chamber develops puncture, the kayak will remain buoyant. To reduce the chances of a puncture, however, the kayak has a reinforced bottom which not only protects the chamber but also increases the weight carrying capacity.

Better yet, you can carry the kayak in a bag when deflated, with a remarkable weight of 31 pounds meaning you can take it for solo trips if needed. When inflated, it can hold a weight capacity of an astounding 400 pounds of weight, making it very stable.

The fantastic kayak also comes with two 86-inch oars made of aluminum, a repair patch kit, and a high output hand.


– Great Size and can support up to 2 people

– Yellow color makes it very visible

– Offers enough storage space with its cargo nets at the front

– Quick and easy set up


– With high winds, the kayak may find it an issue.

– The aluminum paddle is not as strong as it should be.

The bottom Line

A great inflatable kayak must combine high-quality materials, a good construction and should cater for more than one purpose. Understanding your needs before buying a Kayak will help you make a wise decision.