top 20 bass fishing games

Bass fishing games are the latest craze, and you know that you are indeed into fishing when you spend your free time practicing your favorite sport at home. The current gaming consoles and the Internet even make everything surreal, bringing that invaluable feeling of rowing alone in water through a blend of enchanting games with excellent graphics and 3D effects.

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The web is perhaps the best go-to location today if you are a passionate gamer, and with the many bass fishing games, the thrill can easily go overboard. Besides the many top-dollar graphics and 3D effects, some of them feature excellent controls and are pretty easy to learn. You just have to watch yourself, lest you end up being a gaming addict.


1. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010

Possibly the most famous bass fishing game today, Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 is made for PC, XBox 360 and all PS3 gamers. It is an action-packed game with excellent graphics and awesome gameplay. You can compete against your friend or engage in the rod and reel bundle.

2. In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies

Often referred to as Rapala Pro’s greatest competitor, In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies is pretty much like fishing out there with a friend. This game offers real-life techniques and tactics and suits anyone looking to hone their angling skills at home.

in fisherman

3. Trophy Bass 4

Straight off, this 4th edition has everything required by an avid fishing enthusiast. It is one of the few bass fishing games that offer nearly all species of fish including largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. You will most probably love the whole experience if not the crisp, clean graphics.

4. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

The fun aspect of being a sworn bass fishing games lover is leaving your mouse and keyboard to cast the nets. Hold that rod and reel in our hand as you waste the day away with pleasure.

5. Kevin VanDam’s Big Bass Challenge

If you are a big bass fishing games lover and loathe those download to play prompts, try Kevin VanDam’s Big Bass Challenge. From the world’s best bass fisherman is something incredible. It’s hard to describe the thrill, and perhaps it’s better if you try it out on your own.

6. Bass Fishing Pro

One thing about this game is the simulation that includes customization and switching between lures and locations for casting and reeling.

For ardent anglers, the unmatched sense of realism lies deep in its huge fishing games.

bass fishing pro

7. Sega Bass Fishing

The arcade-style game for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 is yet another fantastic fishing game. If you would like more thrill, try using Dreamcast fishing controller.

8. Angler’s Dream

If you would like to treat fishing like an adventure then better try it in exotic locales. There are many tranquil lakes and streams, exotic beaches and many fresh and saltwater locations. Of course, there are countless species of fish to hunt.

9. Sega Bass Fishing Duel

For PS2 gamers, this one is from Dreamcast, but more superior than its predecessor. It incorporates the 3D aspect and has more exciting options including modes, tournaments, and fishing clubs after winning “duels.”

10. Shimano Xtreme Fishing

If you like a game that offers different fishing options, then try this one. There’s the traditional rod-and-reel approach, bow fishing and spear fishing, and what makes the game better is the many obstacles – alligators and sharks. Accuracy is the key to earning more points.

shimano xtreme fishing

11. Mark Davis’ The Fishing Master

A gem of a bass fishing game that has truly stood the test of time, Mark Davis’ The Fishing Master is a difficult nut to crack. Any wrong move and you don’t catch any fish. It is fun and intimidating and will truly make you sweaty.

12. Bassmasters 2000

One of the best bass fishing games a decade ago, Bassmasters 2000 feature one professional angler Shaw Grigsby’s voice. Its intriguing modes include Casting, Speed Fishing, Tournament, and Exhibition and you will certainly love its music.

13. The Strike 2009

For amateur and pro anglers, here’s another well thought-out bass fishing game that will require your wit and skill. Best played on its accompanying Xbox controller rod, The Strike 2009 its graphics, simulation, and everything replicates a real-life fishing experience.

14. Outdoor- Life: A Sportsman’s Challenge

Sim city and backwoods yokel cousins make up your ultimate hunting and fishing destination in this thrilling bass fishing game. With a click of your mouse, you have complete control of everything.

15. Fishing Expert 4.0

Another incredible bass fishing game with a database for all your queries and over 400 proven fishing methods, Fishing Expert 4.0 is worth your time. While angling, you will learn a lot about weather patterns, water types, spawning conditions and much more.

a sportsman challenge

16. Championship Bass by EA Sports

EA Sports is a legendary figure in the gaming world, and Championship Bass by EA Sports is a step ahead of the rest. It features computer anglers, a limited selection of lakes and rivers and a lot of lures and colors. Playing isn’t as complicated as the other games, and quality graphics makes everything amazing.

17. Flysim Fly Fishing Game by

No other game offers that real feel as your practice your fly casting than Flysim Fly Fishing Game. with the real life physics, you get to experience how angling can be fun and challenging.

18. Trophy Bass 3D by Vivendi Universal Games

Its new and improved 3D experience coupled with the amazing graphics makes it one of the best 20 bass fishing games of the recent times. To enjoy it, you have to be familiar with the game series and the speed of these game. Be ready for a rush of adrenaline!

19. Trophy Bass 4 by Vivendi Universal Games

Call it the mother of every PC Bass fishing game or anything thereabouts, but one thing is for sure. This game highlights what it is fondly referred to as playability and “fishability” in a fun, classic manner. You will find the many gaming and fishing tips helpful once you get out there and start fishing on your own.

hooked real motion fishing

20. Hooked! Real Motion Fishing

Who makes the best fishing games for PC and smartphones? Apparently Nintendo Wii game, the maker of Hooked! Real Motion Fishing. You simply make your cast, set the hook, drive your boat and hunt your favorite fish all day. The graphics are a let-down, a bit.