10 Hiking Health Benefits

Next time someone advises you to go hiking, you might want to give him your thanks – they are, unconsciously, looking out for your health. Hiking is an activity that provides one with tremendous benefits for his mental and physical health, along with the breathtaking views of beautiful green valleys and snow-capped mountaintops. Engaging in this activity is guaranteed to help you stay fit, lose some weight, increase your strength, clear your mind, and improve your outlook on life.

Here are the ten hiking benefits that everyone should know about – read on!

1. Respiratory, Cardio & Muscular Health

This one is a no-brainer – hiking is certain to increase one’s muscular health and to create more muscles in his body. It also improves the muscle function and makes them stronger.

Hiking is also considered to be a good cardio exercise, as it speeds up the blood flow and improves the heart function. It keeps the veins secure and tight, while at the same time eliminating the dangerous plaque in them.

It’s an activity that will keep your lungs as healthy as possible, removing the danger of bronchitis, pneumonia, and other illnesses.

2. It Sharpens your Brain

As we said, hiking is capable of increasing one’s blood flow, which, in turn, provides one’s brain with more oxygen and enhances it in many different areas. Some of these areas are the memory, focus, and concentration.

The increased blood flow and the higher amounts of oxygen allow one’s brain to function better, and also help it produce the kinds of chemicals that will make the person feel more focused and concentrated.

3. It Lowers the Risks of Various Health Problems

Going on a hike is certain to reduce the risk of many different health issues. The reason behind this is the fact that this activity decreases the dangerous high blood pressure by reducing the risk of getting it in the first place. Furthermore, it lowers your risk of heart diseases, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

A word of advice, though – hiking can be pretty hard at first, which is why we recommend getting a pair of quality hiking poles. They will help you develop a good routine in the beginning.

4. It Increases the Bone Density

Routine hiking is something that undoubtedly increases one’s bone density and prevents the bone loss. It can also slow down the bone loss if the person is already suffering from it. It provides the bones with an amount of exercise that other activities simply can’t compete with.

It gives the body a dose of fresh air, increasing the stamina and the overall performance. This will increase the bones’ capability to work harder with less pain every time you go on a hike.

5. Better Sleep

Since it stimulates one’s body and brain, it is no wonder that the hiking can also help one sleep better at night. Once you begin hiking, both your mind and your body will undoubtedly be pushed from their comfort zones, and the benefits of this will last even after the hike is over.

While the body is out of its comfort zone, it will pump adrenaline until the walk is finished. And once the hike is over, the body will move to its rest mode and give you a good night’s sleep.

6. It Brightens Your Spirit

Once you finally reach that top of the mountain, you’re bound to feel proud and humble. Even though your body will probably be exhausted, your mind and your soul will be livelier than ever, and you’ll feel energized because of your new accomplishment.

This is especially great when combined with the beautiful view of the world around you that comes together with being on a high peak.

7. The Weight Control

When it comes to losing weight, hiking is one of the best ways to do it. Even if a person doesn’t want to change the diet, hiking can give him or her some aid in weight loss so as long as that person continues to push himself or herself to do it.

Along with losing weight, it will also help you build up the core muscles and thus allow you to get fit and stay in shape.

8. It Provides You with Challenges that a Gym Can’t Give You

In addition to providing one with the standard muscle work, hiking also gives one challenges that simply can’t be found in the gym. Crossing streams, jumping, climbing, and walking over uneven surfaces is guaranteed to give your whole body an even workout – it’s not one of those pinpointed exercises.

When you’re hiking, you’re doing jumps, squats, and lunges at the same time – and all that while out in nature, which is a lot better than going to the gym.

Hiking in the snowy mountains

9. It Increases Your Levels of Vitamin D

Recent research has shown that the today’s society is generally deprived of the vitamin D. This is because people tend to spend a lot of time indoors and don’t come into contact with the sunshine often.

Spending just half an hour outside in the sun is enough for the body to keep the amount of vitamin D at a healthy level. And since a hike usually lasts a lot longer than that, it’s a perfect activity to put a stop to the vitamin D deprivation.

10. It Keeps Things Interesting

Along with the numerous physical and mental benefits that it brings, hiking is also something that can keep one engaged and occupied. It gives you an opportunity to explore an infinite number of trails, rivers, hills, mountains, and lakes.

One can also incorporate his other projects into the hiking adventures and easily learn new things, such as identifying animals and plants or reading the map and the compass.


As you can see, hiking brings numerous benefits and is one of the healthiest and most exciting activities you can engage in. It’s no wonder that its popularity is on the rise – more and more people want to explore high peaks and lush valleys while improving their health and clearing their minds. Joining them would be a wise decision!