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tandem fishing kayaks

Best Tandem Fishing Kayak – Buyer’s Guide 2018

Battle of the Tandem Fishing Kayaks With sit-on kayaks being the most famous, widely-known kayak designs today, the battle for the best tandem fishing kayak...
best kayak trailer

Best Kayak Trailer – Buyer’s Guide

All the Best Kayak Trailers Reviewed | Top Kayak Trailers for Sale After kayaking for close to two months (my newfound hobby), one of the...
best bedstep 2017

Best Bedstep 2017 -Buyer’s Guide

In the world of truck and SUV hitch steps and bedstep, durability isn’t the only feature to focus on. Apparently, any device that can...
best fishing kayak

Best Fishing Kayak 2018 -Buyer’s Guide

Looking for an exciting sports and leisure activity in 2018? Wondering which are the best fishing canoe to kick-start your outdoor hobby? Without a doubt,...