Canoes For Sale 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

best canoes for sale 2017

Choosing the best canoes for sale in 2018 may easily be an incredible investment.

However, it can be one of the hardest decisions particularly because canoeing is a wonderful sport, but a wrong choice of the canoe will spoil everything. There are many canoes for sale even today, meaning that you will certainly find your match.

However, before you head out, have you any knowledge about the best canoes for sale in 2018? Have you gone through a list of the best ten canoes? What about a buyer’s guide, did you find one?

Certainly, you need to go through the following list and end with a comprehensive list of what to consider when buying a canoe.

1. Grumman 12′ 9″ SOLO CANOE

12' 9" solo canoe review

Best Solo Canoe for Fishing

Compact, stable and fun to paddle, the Grumman 12′ 9″ Solo Canoe is known amongst those love this sport as arguably the best canoe in the recent times. Whether it is duck hunting, fishing, and trapping or a relaxing paddling, this vessel doesn’t disappoint. Unlike other brands under this category, the Grumman Solo maneuvers with ease and glides efficiently even on a single bladed paddle.

Blame it on its unique design, its light-weightedness or its multiple features, but one thing is for sure; Grumman 12′ 9″ Solo Canoe has what it takes. A generous carrying capacity from a vessel, well suited for its job is all that you get, affordably. Moreover, its cutting-edge design, low profile construction, and stability mean that you can paddle through a rushing stream or a glass-calm lake with no problems.

In fact, it is seemingly right that Grumman 12′ 9″ Solo Canoe is inspired by perhaps the latest design in canoeing. Needless to add, it has been my all time favorite.


  1. Unique design – inspired by the original idea of wilderness explorers and the contemporary canoeing technology, the full contour hull design makes you feel comfortable on it. The stability as you paddle grants you moments of satisfaction.
  2. Generous space – it’s amazing that such a 44-pound canoe can comfortably carry 585 pounds worth of weight.
  3. Quality – forget about its beautiful look, this boat is tough as a nail as it is hand-crafted from age-hardened aluminum alloy. The material is harder than the conventional alloys and guarantees the durability that’s important.
  4. Safety and comfortability – a low profile canoe with a standard keel float comfortably. It glides with reduced wind resistance too.
  5. Other features include a length of Grumman 12′ 9″, 13” center depth and the fact that it’s made for flatwater canoeists or whitewater challengers.
  6. Easily one of the best solo canoes for fishing.



  • Safe for your canoeing expeditions
  • Tough and durable
  • Safe, stable and comfortable
  • Spacious and lightweight
  • Smooth glides whether it is a single or double bladed paddle


  • Isn’t ideal for starters


Canoeing, a seemingly enjoyable and rewarding sporting activity, requires an expertly-designed canoe. For those who love adventure and can’t go a week without paddling, a durable vessel is a plus. Am talking about 12′ 9″ Solo Canoe, an agile, stable and easy to handle. There’s way too much to mention about it! However, it’s worth your money.


19' square stern review

Row with ease as you fish or hunt ducks on a calm evening with Grumman 19′ Square-Stern, a canoe made specifically for outboard power, but still baffles rowing faithful. It comes complete with a transom gusset of strong .125-inch aluminum for its enhanced durability and a guarantee of safe, comfortable paddles. As you enjoy yourself, (after you get the best kayak trailer) you will likely fall in love with its motor pads and ribs that bring in a touch of stiffness and security.

Grumman 19′ Square-Stern is made to carry up to 1100 pounds without jeopardizing the safety of its occupants. Your safety is further emphasized by the spray rails, which inherently serve to keep you and your gear dry. As you voyage aboard this canoe, you will notice that indeed it’s a vessel made for professional guides and outfitters. Its other notable features include the following.


  1. Weighs 119lbs and 40 1/8″ wide, 19’ long, it comes with three seats
  2. Durable with .05 aluminum construction, aluminum deck caps and stem caps made of aluminum rivets
  3. Made with a special sealant to be watertight for long
  4. Special acrylic soft, non-skid floor coating
  5. Stretch-made hull, 12 ribs and bulb T-keel
  6. It is famed for its maximum horsepower of 5hp



  • Can accommodate three individuals
  • Made to last – aluminum construction
  • Watertight
  • 19’ long
  • 5hp
  • 1100lb capacity
  • Splash rails


  • Comes with no paddle and motor, two essential components


Being among the toughest canoes for sale, Grumman 19′ Square-Stern its 1100lb weight capacity is among the largest of canoes. It is made with more aluminum rivets than other boats, vast and sturdy transom and an aluminum body, which makes it durable and lightweight. With all these and other features, being the finest option for professional guides and outfitters isn’t a shocker.


15' sportboat review

Best All Around Canoe

Designed to be rowed, paddled and outboard powered is Grumman 15′ Sportboat, a state-of-the-art, versatile 3-in-1 boat that’s highly revered by duck hunting enthusiasts. It’s important first to mention that this canoe belongs to a rare breed of boats that excel in all the three techniques. The Grumman 15′ 4” long, 43” wide vessel offers an exquisite duck hunting platform, thanks to its added steadiness and strength.

While Grumman 15′ Sportboat its two keels are made of solid, sturdy aluminum extrusions, the boat’s standout feature is its stability. It is hand-crafted and riveted using the special T-6 Alumilite rivets for guaranteed durability. Additionally, there are die-formed aluminum ribs and thwarts. Primarily, this boat suits anyone looking for a futuristic vessel.


  1. It can be paddled, rowed or outboard powered, and hence versatile
  2. Feature an extra-wide beam and “Bulb T” keel for strength and steadiness and ribs for stiffness
  3. Made with a transom gusset of tough .125” aluminum alloy for light-weightedness and durability
  4. Grumman 15′ Sportboat is available in 16 foot, 17 foot, and 19-foot lengths
  5. Designed to accommodate a maximum of 550lbs
  6. Comes in either natural aluminum or painted olive drab finish



  • Ideal duck hunting boat
  • 7hp maximum
  • Versatile
  • Made of robust and durable materials; hence lasts long
  • Comes in three different lengths


  • No paddles, no motor


Having been voted as one of the leading duck hunting and fishing boats in the recent times, Grumman 15′ Sportboat, without a doubt, stands for that. It is strong, sturdy and durable enough to guarantee decades of usage. It’s impressive that this canoe continues to earn plaudits and 5-stars rating on the web.


old town canoes and kayaks discovery 133 recreational canoe review

Another versatile sporting canoe with a host of unique features, Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 119 Recreational Canoe is an efficient, lightweight and durable vessel. It’s easily identified thanks to its slight arch, straight sides, a moderate rocker and its bright color. Being just 13-feet long, this canoe is more of a timeless favorite amongst canoeing enthusiasts.

Paddle or pole it solo and nearly effortlessly from its center oar sockets to experience the fun and enjoyment alone. You can also reposition yourself on its bow seat, row and transport your wares without any problem. If you are looking for an amazingly strong, flexible and lightweight canoe that can maneuver with ease, you have the right solution.


  1. With a three-layer roto-molded polyethylene construction, this canoe is expected to last for years.
  2. It’s comfy and durable nylon web seats including the largest seat in the middle can carry three adults with ease.
  3. Being a versatile canoe, it’s engineered to scale back whenever appropriate with the same wide-bodied steadiness while still offering more room for the creel, decoys, or other essentials.
  4. You can Paddle it tandem from its bow seats, paddle it smoothly or just pole it alone from it middle position.
  5. It boasts proven strength, flexibility, and lightweight manageability, although it is a small boat.
  6. Just 13-inches, it’s stability and carrying capacity is largely unmatched and thus popular among fishing and hunting faithful. However, this boat has been severally used by photographers and wildlife lovers.
  7. Can carry 800lbs
  8. Come with oar sockets



  • Highly versatile
  • Multiple paddling options
  • Wide beam means rock-solid stability
  • Durable, flexible and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Can carry up to 800lbs worth of weight
  • Can be upgraded with a motor


  • Doesn’t come with oars


With its three full seating positions, a stability that’s mostly unrivaled, versatility and flexibility of a contemporary vessel, being the best can be an understatement. However, it is indeed a small family canoe, an incredible option for fishing and wildlife hunting hopefuls and recently, a photographer’s #1 canoe. It is made to last, perhaps ideal for you.


17' square stern review

Paddle through a glass-calm lake, tackle a ferocious stream and hunt your favorite ducks as you stand on a stable, low-profile, broad beam canoe. Introducing 17′ Square-Stern, a versatile double-ended canoe for sale particularly for camps and outfitters. Although it is just 17-feet long and can carry up to 875lbs, it belongs to flatwater canoeists or whitewater challengers – both novices and professional outfitters.

Made by hunters to be used by hunters, Grumman 17′ Square-Stern is an attractive option known for superior tracking enhanced by the integrated hydrodynamic sponsons on both sides. This canoe is among the most stable of its category, a factor that makes it suitable for duck hunting. Like Grumman 19’ square-stern, it’s transom gusset of sturdy .050” aluminum hull means that it isn’t utterly lightweight, but equally durable.


  1. Standard or shallow draft Bulb T Keel because the canoe is made for flat water canoeing
  2. Feature heavy-duty transom gusset of hardened .050” aluminum hull, and thus durable and significantly lightweight
  3. It’s 17’ long, 13 ⅛ center depth and comes with the standard three seats
  4. Maximum horsepower – 5 hp, and can carry 875 pounds worth of weight
  5. Being a low-profile canoe, it is stable enough to suit your duck hunting travails
  6. Aluminum colored



  • Accessories – sit-back seat, sponsons, row rig, center seat kit
  • Rugged, durable aluminum means that you can go on a whitewater trip and come back with no scratches
  • Durable perfect for a hardcore canoeist
  • Grumman 17’ boat is safe, stable, easy to steer and totally reliable
  • Be prepared to use it for decades
  • Suitable for starters and professionals


  • It isn’t a budget canoe


It is absolutely unbelievable that although Grumman 17′ Square-Stern continues to amaze its users, most of them confess to having purchased it decades ago. It is just 17’ long, stable, durable and easy to steer. That’s why it’s popular amongst hunters. It’s impressive that it’s made for everyone.


grumman 17' double end 050 canoe review

Blast your way through a rushing stream of water or just dash with your loved one through the calm lake waters as you enjoy your vacation. Tough as a nail, designed to last and much loved by ardent duck hunters and fishing enthusiasts, Grumman 17′ Double-End .050 Canoe is another expertly-designed piece. It is revered perhaps because it is hand-crafted from a hardened and stretch-formed aluminum alloy to serve its purpose with utmost reliability.

As if it isn’t reliable enough, Grumman 17′ Double-End .050 Canoe’s lower profile and reduced wind resistance translate to stability. It is just 17’ long, but works perfectly well in the calm, flat water. Although its popularity is mostly based on its working, much of it boils down to how it is made to guarantee years of usefulness.


  1. Hand riveted using the special T-6 Alumilite rivets, and thus strong especially along its along gunnels, keels, and ribs.
  2. It is made through a stretch-forming process that permanently makes the curves into a bow, stern and sides. There are the aluminum ribs and thwarts that add more rigidity.
  3. Features a wide beam and a low profile stature for extra stability as you row or paddle.
  4. It is built to last as it features .060″ aluminum deck caps, T-6 aluminite finish rivets and a sealant that ensures that the whole system is watertight.
  5. There’s the standard flat water keel that makes paddling easier
  6. It is also built with a superficial draft keel for quick maneuvering especially when racing through whitewater rivers.



  • Made to last – aluminum construction
  • Lightweight, perfect for hunting and outdoor sporting activities
  • Made for first timers and professional outfitters
  • Safe and stable on water
  • 17’ and thus can suit all your tools – 755 pounds maximum weight


  • Can be expensive


When you are nestled in the world of canoes for sale, whether they are for your recreational purposes or hunting and fishing, durability and stability are integral. That’s exactly what the manufacturers of Grumman 17′ Double-End .050 Canoe based their ideas on. As simple as it may appear, this lightweight, yet sturdy vessel is among the most trusted in the industry. Therefore, if you are looking for an option that will give you pleasure for years, don’t focus on its price tag, but rather bank on its longevity.


16' square stern review

Enjoy decades of hitch-free rowing and paddling as you fish and hunt during your leisure times, thanks to Grumman 16′ Square-Stern canoe. It is an expertly-engineered, stable vessel loved for its durability and value for money. From its structure and design to how it works on water, no doubt, it’s among the few elite canoes – all square stern canoes.

Off the hook, Grumman 16′ Square-Stern’s body primarily comprises transom gusset of sturdy .125” aluminum along with motor pads to hold the outboards and ribs for extra stiffness. It is made to accord decades of problem-free rowing, but is equally stable on the water. From its design, it is pretty clear that it is lightweight, robust and spacious.


  1. Durability – transom gusset of tough .125” aluminum, motor pads and ribs. It is hand-fashioned from a hardened aluminum alloy that’s far much stronger and more durable than the ordinary ones.
  2. Strength – first, it is primarily made of tough aluminum alloy, and thus suitable for the water. Additionally, there are the specially-designed T-6 Alumilite rivets that offer more support as well as the die-formed aluminum ribs and thwarts.
  3. Stable – just 16’ of length, this Grumman canoe is reliably stable, and is often used by hunting enthusiasts. It is lightweight too and can navigate whitewater with no problems.
  4. Other features include the fact that it’s made with a standard keel and thus tracks well, and can carry 650lbs of weight.
  5. It is rated 5hp



  • It is lightweight and durable
  • Robust and stable
  • 16’ long, perfect for steady rowing
  • Built with special aluminum alloy and thus better than other brands of canoes
  • Better tracking and maneuverability
  • Can amply carry 650lbs of weight


  • It isn’t a budget vessel and will certainly need a lot of bucks


When it comes to all square stern canoes for sale, anyone will readily notice that quality comes first. Pretty much like the others, Grumman 16′ Square-Stern is made to offer decades of usage without ever presenting you problems. What’s even incredible is, it is robust and stable in line with what’s expected of such a vessel. There is way too much to speak about it, but the fact it, it is a good purchase.


sun dolphin scout ss canoe review

Best Cheap Canoe

Looking for a new paddling experience? Steer and maneuver clear of your competitors during your forthcoming recreational activities, thanks to Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe. Although it is a regular canoe with seats to accommodate three adults, its stability on water is largely unmatched. Of course, it is a durable, expertly-assembled boat boasting of better, more sophisticated features.

It is a 14-feet canoe with a built-in motor transom, an award-winning polyethylene hull, comfy molded-in seats that enhance its floatation and a host of amazing features. With such and other features, it’s manufacturers may have ensured that it steers stable and ranks higher above its peers. It’s green-colored, near perfect tracking canoe that can be used by your family during your day out.


  1. Its built-in motor transom means that it steers and maneuvers better than the regular canoes
  2. Made of rigid, hard high-density polyethylene hull and thus can withstand scorching UV rays for years
  3. It is a 3-person vessel, streamlined for swift maneuvering and optimal stability and tracking
  4. The 14-foot canoe is perfectly made for electric trolling motors and boasts of excellently comfy molded-in seats that help in floatation
  5. Weighs just 84 pounds, but can accommodate a maximum weight of 765lbs and comes with built-in rod holder locations
  6. Further specifications: 14’ long, 38” wide and 39cm high
  7. It comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty



  • Perfect for tours and recreational activities
  • Suits intermediate and advanced canoeists
  • Stable, Made to last
  • Spacious enough to carry three individuals or 765lbs
  • Performs better than the regular canoes
  • Comfortable seats


  • Comes with no motor


Having gotten used to the manually steered boats, it’s absolutely surreal that there’s an even better option. Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe, a green-colored, motor transom-powered canoe, is made to suit a contemporary canoeist’s requirements. It is durable, comfortable and better in almost all aspects. To get the best of it, buy this canoe along with the motor.


old town canoes and kayaks saranac 160 recreational family canoe review

If you are planning to go a recreational outing on a calm river this weekend and can’t quite find the best canoe for the job, take a sigh of relief. Introducing Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe, a stable, family vessel. It packs in tons of stately features at a cost that’s hard to ignore.

As an outstanding choice for the whole family fun and adventure, this canoe delivers a package of stability, durability and performance altogether. It’s narrow-shaped with slightly lower seats and reliable tracks and maneuvers smoothly. What’s more, it is single-layered, which means that it isn’t costlier than its peers and is comparatively lightweight.


  1. Smaller than its siblings, Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe feature a durable thermoplastic hull for impact resistance and abrasion while on water.
  2. It’s also a flat-bottomed canoe with straight sides and a rocker for tracking and smooth movements. Inside the boat are contoured, padded seats that guarantee superior comfort.
  3. A family canoe comes with a center bench seat complete with storage compartment, molded-in rod holders, storage compartments, a 6-inch hatch, cup holders and paddle rests.
  4. It is 16’ long, 37” wide and weighs 89lbs. However, it can carry up to 750 pounds of mass



  • Durable because it is made from a lasting thermoplastic hull and vinyl gunwales
  • Contoured comfy bow and stern seats
  • Lots of storage compartments and spaces
  • A family canoe that’s stable and reliable
  • Excellent tracking and maneuverability
  • Can carry up to 750 pounds of weight


  • No paddles means that you will need to buy them on your own


It isn’t common to meet a family canoe made to offer safe, stable and comfortable experiences on the water. However, here comes Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe, a vessel that can accommodate the whole family and all their essential gear. It is durable with great maneuverability and can carry up to 750lbs. At least, you will not labor looking for a family canoe, will you?


old town next canoe review

As you continue your hunt for the best canoes for sale, seems hybrid options are the next craze. Ahead of the pack is Old Town Next Canoe, a vessel that’s a blend of the open hull, maneuverability, and convenience. It paddles like a regular kayak, but has all the attributes of a canoe – low windage, low profile, nice tracking hull and small seating level.

The boat brings that fun, comfortable and enjoyable paddling experience. What’s even amazing is its reassuringly stable hull and the double-bladed paddle that along with the durable three-layer polyethylene construction. It is a beautiful canoe too.


  1. Tumblehome with low profile for stable paddling
  2. Both double-bladed and single-bladed paddles can be used
  3. 3-layer hull for smooth tracking and maneuverability, durability and stability
  4. Removable seating system guarantees super-comfortable experiences with top-quality, well-designed lawn chair
  5. Ample space to carry your gear
  6. Three-layer polyethylene construction for durability
  7. Come in a host of bright, vibrant colors
  8. Weighs 53 pounds and can carry up to 450lbs



  • Comes in multiple colors that look aggressive and stylish
  • Ample space for your gear
  • Extremely stable
  • Hybrid canoe – a canoe with the feeling of a kayak
  • Excellent tracking and maneuverability
  • Durable
  • Allows double-bladed and single-bladed paddles


  • No keel, no form of skeg and a host of crucial features that would have made it an absolute monster


For someone looking for a canoe that offers everything – stability, maneuverability, durability and comfortability, Old Town Next Canoe is the best. It doesn’t belong to the over-glorified canoes for sale, and with a few refinements, truly it will be a monster. It boasts an excellent price, various striking colors, a sturdy design and lots of positive reviews. By and large, Old Town Next Canoe is the king.


Perhaps, you are on a tight budget and would like to buy a used boat. Or, would like to buy one cheaper, yet better-performing canoe and can’t seem to find the best feature combination. Whatever your options are, having a list of go-to features while shopping for a boat is essential.


They come in a plethora of types and designs, and you should only buy an option that suits your needs. A narrower canoe can be troublesome while a smaller one might not accommodate all your gear and friends. The common types include the following:

  • Lake water or Touring canoe – with ultra-light construction and carbon composites, your trip across many lakes will inevitably remain momentous.
  • Expedition canoe – normally 18-20 feet long, they are spacious with moderate rocker, stability, and maneuverability.
  • Racing and training – are made to offer maximum speed and performance. They are narrow and track well, although they also come in rigid, lightweight hulls.
  • Sportsman – popularly used by hunters, they are highly stable with high gear capacity and square sterns for outboard motors. They are often 16-18 feet long.
  • Whitewater canoes – lots of rocker for greater maneuverability and swift turning, they can be single or double paddled and come with flotation bags.


  • Solo – short in length, with limited space and are usually shorter.
  • Solo and tandem
  • Tandem – for multiple users, a 16-feet canoe is ideal.


Besides length being the most distinguishing trait, design boils down to its bow and stern profiles and rocker. An increased range may mean better tracking, while bow and stern profiles will influence how it slices through the water. Better designs also help in excellent tracking and wind resistance. Its Tumblehome trait helps in stability too, a feature that requires your attention.


This feature needs no further emphasis as it dictates the longevity of the canoe. As you sample the canoes for sale, Polyethene made canoes, pretty much like those made of aluminum, are the best. However, depending on the motive of the purchase, carbon-made options can still serve the same purpose.


Buying a new canoe is usually a subject of a careful decision-making process. First, new devices come with the manufacturer’s warranty and arrive shiny, new and in pristine condition. However, they tend to be a little bit expensive beyond a budget shopper’s reach. A second-hand or used canoe will be ideal when it is still great-looking and doesn’t have traces of accidents and repairs.

If you are going the used canoes way, it’s better that you check if it is still stable and has no parts missing. Talk to a local canoes retailer and use the web as your point of reference. Finally, take a paddle test.


As one of the best tools of recreation and enjoyment, canoes, and their subsequent popularity is on the rise. That’s probably the reason the number of boats for sale in on a rapid upsurge. However, don’t let the confusion and the vehement advertising to confuse you.

Before you take the plunge, first have a list of what each of them has and what you are looking for. The buyer’s guide has a few important features, but you will need to make a sound decision. Remember, canoes vary in prices, features, and specifications.