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Battle of the Tandem Fishing Kayaks

With sit-on kayaks being the most famous, widely-known kayak designs today, the battle for the best tandem fishing kayak of 2018 is as hotly contested as is expected. Kayaking is among the oldest sports and recreational activities that are still largely and vibrantly followed in the recent years. The amount of affection towards fun and exciting water activities is on the rise. That’s why the most recently unveiled kayaks feature a host of cutting-edge features that have never been possible before.

If you think that it is a mere statement, just consider looking at the list of the best tandem fishing kayaks of 2018. Don’t forget to look at their respective features, why they are creme de la creme and the buyer’s guide is at the very bottom of the list.

1. Ocean Kayak 12 – Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

ocean kayak 12

Paddle solo or in tandem with the planet’s famous compact, lightweight sit-on-top kayak and experience a memorable kayaking experience. Perfect for you and another paddler, with your pet, Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak is a versatile, stable and comfortable option. Call it the best tandem fishing kayak, it features the following:


    1. Space and Capacity – it is designed to accommodate 375-425 lbs or a couple with a small child. The same is, in fact, made possible by its two seats with sufficient settling position and another one in three different postures. They all offer adequate settling positioning, and a paddler can sit in various positions, notably bow, stern and middle.
    2. Stability – for its aesthetics and safety of the occupants, the guaranteed stability along with the design makes it one safe kayaking option. It exhibits a hull and deck structure for near effortless multiple hulls stacking and patented overlapping well.
    3. Versatility – after testing in various magnitudes of waves, it performed well in reclaiming stability. It isn’t a surprise given that it adapts well to wave movements, resulting in a calm, hitch-free kayaking experience.
    4. Design – one of the many impressive features of Malibu two-tandem kayak is its unique design. It has no rival and is designed with a skid plate, a plethora of sitting and paddling positions and foot rests. The lightweight design besides the ability to accommodate larger masses makes it a strong recreational and exercising vessel.

Further features include:

  1.  It weighs 57 pounds, 12 feet long and 34 inches wide
  2. Comfortable whether it is used by an individual or with two other people
  3. Comes with carry handles and storage straps for easy hauling from the garage or kayak trailer
  4. Made for upcoming kayakers and pros



  • Perfect for a couple
  • Space, design, and versatility translates to comfy kayaking experience
  • Multiple paddling positions
  • Made by a reputable kayak manufacturer whose products are known for their durability
  • You can paddle solo from the center seat


  • Limited color choice
  • Small width


Despite having arguably the finest features, it’s incredible that this kayak isn’t as expensive as the others. As a suavely designed equipment that allows the whole family, safe and comfortable paddling, Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak wins our #1 tandem fish kayak spot. If you value easy paddling activities along with your friend and would like to enjoy some this weekend, don’t skip purchasing this kayak.

2. Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak Package

vibe kayaks skipjack 120T

Are you looking for the best tandem fishing kayak that you will use with your companion and fish or explore this holiday?

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak Package ought to be on your list of prospective options. It is a sit on top kayak, known among both novices and professional kayakers as it performs well in surf, rivers, and flat water. It is designed to paddle stable and manoeuvre smoothly.

Among its many state-of-the-art features include:

1. Spacious – off the hook, Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T comes with three seating positions that comfortably holds two adults and a kid. It weighs 72 pounds, but can carry 500 pounds worth of weight.
2. Made to last – besides it beautiful look, this tandem fishing kayak is made of high-density polyethylene, and thus lasts for years. It also comes with two 2-piece lightweight aluminum paddle.
3. Storage – also comes with sealed hatches for storage and a rear cargo storage compartment with a bungee tie down system.
4. Safe and Comfortable paddling – the Skipjack 120T is among the best tandem fishing kayaks of 2017 mainly because it grants a comfy paddling experience. It is made for rivers and flat water.
5. Other features include its four carrying handles, eight Scupper plugs, and two paddle plugs



  • A whole family fishing kayak
  • Made to last
  • Spacious with ample storage space
  • Safe, comfortable and versatile
  • Suitable for newbies


  • Limited choice of colors


Sometimes, the best memories aren’t made of expensive tools and gadgets. If you would like to fish with your loved one, paddle smoothly in calm waters or just relax as you enjoy the evening, try Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak Package. It isn’t as expensive as the others, but delivers precious moments.

3. Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak

sun dolphin bali

Enjoy some fishing as you have some fun on the water with Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak, a ‘yak made for an excellent family outing. Made with three deluxe and comfortable seats to accommodate three individuals, this option is, with little doubt, among the few best tandem fishing kayaks of the recent past. Before you go ahead and view its features and perhaps make your purchase, it’s important to let you know that it performs well when it comes to comfort, stability, and maneuverability.


1. One of its major selling points is the amount of space available. Two adults and a small child can comfortably paddle. What’s even amazing is the storage hatches and compartment for your fishing gear, your foods, and other essentials.
2. It presents no trouble tracking or staying stable, especially when you are paddling alone. This is possible mainly because of how wide it is. This kayak comes with two paddle holders along with the carrying handles.
3. When the water level gets too high, its scupper plugs will come in handy, perhaps help drain the kayak. More features are as below:
4. A sit on kayak that can accommodate up to 500lbs
5. You may paddle it solo or tandem
6. Comes in a self-bailing design
7. Two comfortable paddled seats with backrests
8. Adjustable foot braces
9. Made to last – High-density, impact-resistant polyethylene material



  • Price – hard to beat
  • Good tracking
  • Durable
  • Lots of Deluxe features
  • Larger storage locations


  • Seats aren’t as comfortable as those of its peers


With a host of features synonymous with those fishing kayaks costing over a thousand dollars and an unbeatable price, Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5 is great. In fact, it is a brand that has always excelled in kayaks of all types. If you are hunting for the best 3-person kayak, look no further.

4. Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak

lifetime 10 foot manta

Call it a perfect, 3-person, multipurpose kayak, Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak is indeed a versatile option, tailored for family fun. It offers some comfortable, family seating and suitably popular fishing, kayaking and sailing expeditions. Besides being durable, 500lbs capacity kayak, the lifetime manta tandem is made to stay stable and nearly impossible to slip over even in extreme situations.

So, if you are expecting to go on a kayaking outing, rest assured that this kayak will do an amazing job.

Some of its standout features:

1. With a capacity to carry 500lbs, this kayak is made for three individuals, although it can be paddled solo. It is stable and can’t possibly tip over.
2. Stable and lightweight – yellow-colored, 70lbs kayak arrives with two paddles and two backrests for guaranteed comfort and a tunnel hull design for stability and maneuverability.
3. Multiple built-in features – a fishing rod holder, paddle cradle, mast receiver receptacle and large cargo storage area. It also includes a bottle holder and side carry handle along with shock cord straps.
4. Made of plastic to last, alongside being lightweight enough to be transported around. It can survive a few hard knocks and still deliver.
5. It can be upgraded using a lifetime power mate, a device that necessitates the installation of an electric trolling motor.



  • Fun, easy and convenient to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed to be stable
  • Sit-On design for ultimate stability
  • Generous forward cargo compartment
  • Made to last
  • Footwell for extra power during paddling
  • Scupper holes to drain the cockpit
  • Affordable with a 5-year warranty


  • Poor quality paddles


The flexibility and the stability that comes with being lightweight with space enough to ensure three adults sit together are great to note. Moreover, that it is durable is even more incredible in the long run. The warranty clause and the affordable price tag sums up everything. Definitely worth each of your pennies.

5. Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

sevylor big basin

Hunt the day’s catch, rush through white waters and explore the secret ways of hidden caves with your two friends using Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak. Call it the best tandem fishing kayak of 2017; this inflatable kayak is notably durable, perhaps lightweight, stable and extremely safe. Its heavy-duty PVC construction with RF welded seams, and sturdy tarpaulin bottom makes it ready for all hard and soft conditions.

For some dry and comfy rides, there are the adjustable seats. If you encounter a snag, relax as the many air chambers will safely guide you to the shore. From these and other features, it’s clear that Sevylor had you in mind.


1. A foldable, inflatable kayak, made of polyethylene and Tarpaulin bottom for extra durability
2. Weighs 44.15 pounds with multiple air chambers for your safety in the worst kayaking scenario
3. Its adjustable seats mean that you will not suffer from backaches or feel tired and bored after spending a day in the water.
4. A 147” by 37”, NMMA certified fishing kayak that can accommodate 490lbs
5. Being an inflatable Kayak, Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak is sold with a pressure gauge



  • 3-person kayak that suits an exquisite outing for the whole family
  • Rugged, made to last and suitable for all waters – both rough and calm conditions
  • Lightweight, stable and compact for maneuverability
  • Airtight system means that it will not leak
  • Comfortable, adjustable seats – made to fit you


  • Stable, but stay out of water lest you lose your skeg
  • No pump, no paddles, no bungee cords on deck


Since it is made of high-quality material, it’s stable, tracks well and offers storage room behind the back seat, trust Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak to work well. With an impressive rating in most of the review sites, perhaps you shouldn’t think twice. Take the plunge, and you will not regret.

6. Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Back Rests, 10 Feet, Green

lifetime tandem sit on top kayak

Whether it is a memorable fishing or sailing adventure, why don’t you use a perfectly-designed, multi-purpose recreational kayak to ensure that you get the best of the outing with your family? Of all the many tandem fishing kayaks, Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Back Rests, 10 Feet, Green offers comfortable, balanced seating for up to three individuals. This 10-feet sit on top kayak is made with a host of built-in features to last longer without lots of maintenance.


1. You will never have to worry about is stability in water, transportation, and storage as it is compact and convenient for all conditions. It will never tip over and will keep all the three occupants dry. Some of its other features include the following:
2. Its hull design is primarily responsible for its stability and tracking in flat water. In fact, the entire design means that you can paddle freely without the risk of tipping over.
3. It is spacious enough to accommodate three individuals and a maximum weight of 500lbs.
4. It is made to last as it is predominantly made of high-density Polyethylene. Its longevity is further buoyed by HDPE, which ensures that it neither fades nor cracks and peels off because of the UV rays.
5. Comfortable paddling thanks to the two soft backrests and the high and dry seating postures. Its other built-in features include ditty trays and shock cord straps that help secure loose items.
6. It is just 10-inches, and thus powerful, compact and easy to use in transportation and when it comes to storage. It is also lightweight and weighs a paltry 60 pounds. Its front and rear areas are folded for extra buoyancy.
7. It is designed with family fun in mind.



  • Comfortably contoured seats
  • Made for fishing and sailing
  • Its multiple footrests for leverage
  • Scupper holes to drain the cockpit and the flat end for easy storage
  • Made using a durable high-density polyethylene, that still ensures that it is lightweight
  • Easy to transport


  • No paddles in the package


After a series of tests and reviews, it’s pretty clear that Lifetime Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Back Rests, 10 Feet, Green isn’t a regular tandem fishing kayak. Call it the best tandem fishing kayak of 2017, and suitably so owing to its multiple built-in features that rank superior among its peers. Whether it is durability, stability, maneuverability or price, this kayak is the real deal. However, you will need to buy your own paddle.

7. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

intex explorer K2

Tandem Inflatable Kayak with I-Beam Floor

Intex have always created sophisticated products and this tandem fishing kayak belonging to the same category wasn’t a surprise. High quality, durable, inflatable and handy kayak, Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump is all that you need in recreational lakes and rivers. Forget about its unique yellow color and streamline design, this brand is safe, stylish and conforms to the modern-day requirements.

It’s lightweight, comfortable design along with its easy maneuvering abilities makes its perfect even in rapids and stronger rivers. It is designed for two adults, but can be an incredible family kayak. As a truly designed fishing kayak, it is fun to assemble, lightweight and stable in water and possibly what you need to experience endless fun whenever you are sailing.


1. Streamlined design means easy paddling
2. Compact and lightweight for swift assembling and deflating as well as the ease of transportation
3. Suits milder water bodies including lakes and shallow rivers
4. Brightly colored for visibility purposes
5. Is made with two flexible inflatable seats with self-adjusting backrest for comfortable kayaking
6. Stable, steady paddling, thanks to a detachable skeg
7. Manufactured from a rough and tough product – vinyl material, with an inflatable I-beam floor for extra durability
8. It’s Boston valves and High Output Air Pump guarantee quick inflation and deflation
9. Comes with a grab line and grab handle at either end for supportive hold
10. The package also includes a pair of 86” aluminum oars
11. It’s a dependable sports and leisure tandem fishing kayak – US Coast Guard I.D.



  • Placement and design helps maneuver with ease
  • Versatile enough to be used in lakes and shallow rivers and can be used by novices and experienced kayakers
  • An economical and handy sports gear – can be deflated and folded back
  • Comfortable and refreshingly spacious
  • Colorful for beauty and visibility
  • For two people and ample space for food, drinking water, and other essential gear
  • Remarkably light – 30lbs, and durable
  • Affordable – suits those on a budget


  • Poor paddle quality, they aren’t easy to adjust too


If you are planning a fun-filled outing in the water with your loved one and haven’t settled on a tandem fishing kayak yet, better bank on this one. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump is made to turn adventurous and challenging rapids in a leaping river into memorable experiences.

It is solid-compact, lightweight and durable and offers perfect sitting spaces. It excels in almost all major areas, and as portrayed by the many positive review online, maybe you don’t need further proof.

8. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

sea eagle SE370K_P

Best Cheap Tandem Kayak

Fishing on a kayak is one of the most popular outdoor adventures today, and the thrill gets even better when you have a matching fishing kayak. Glide down those challenging rapids, paddle the calm lake waters and enjoy your outing with one of the best tandem fishing kayaks, Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package.

It doubles as a recreational kayak and a fishing boat for those who love fish for their dinner, and can comfortably accommodate three people and a maximum weight of 650lbs. Despite such staggering feats, it is just a simple, inflatable kayak, portable and lightweight, but durable and reliably stable on the water. From the following features, it won’t be a surprise when you finally overlook the others to purchase it. See Another Sea Eagle SE370 review here


1. Its assembly barely takes ten minutes as it is both lightweight and easy to inflate. Thanks to 3 deluxe one-way valves, getting it ready for the water is a simple, one-off task.
2. It is lightweight, but still rugged and durable enough to withstand the rough waters. With an I-beam floor, expect a robust kayak, and its 5-tube construction significantly improves it paddling performance.
3. Advanced speed and tracking are made possible by its two molded skegs. The skegs even make its maneuverability smooth, meaning that you reduce the effort you frequently need to control it. Don’t forget that the skegs are made to last and aren’t damaged by any sharp and rough objects.
4. It is made with deluxe one-way valves that work impeccably well, unlike the conventional ones. The valves are simple to operate too.
5. Sturdy and durable, moderate pressure fabric makes it an incredible strong tandem fishing kayak. Its hull is tear resistant too, thanks to its high-frequency welding and a quality finish.



  • Quality construction
  • Excellent stability
  • Lightweight and easy to haul
  • Durable
  • NMMA Recognized
  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Can’t be torn with ease


  • Carry bag comes with just one strap, which makes carrying hectic
  • Paddle can’t fit onto the carrying bag


It is true to say that Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package is a whole family kayak. Forget about its unmatched stability, rugged design and construction and the portability, this kayak offers what other brands don’t have. The efficient valve system, along with the molded skeg enhances its working, and eventually, guarantees years of smooth paddles. It is an NMMA Certified tandem fishing kayak, made for three kayakers and delivers beyond your expectations.

9. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

sevylor coleman colorado

Grab this lightweight, economical, safe and reliable fishing kayak and head out for an exceptional enjoyment of the fishery with your friend. Unlike other tandem fishing kayaks, Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is incredibly handy outdoor gear, perfect for your vacations and outdoor trips. It is spacious enough to accommodate your essential tools and is made to paddle smoothly in the calm, flat waters.

Aside from that, this favorite brand is readily recognized as a standout kayak because of its design. It is inflatable, sit in kayak with two comfortable softback seats, spaced out for ample room to accommodate every occupant’s wares. It has been severally termed a revolutionary tandem fishing kayak, and from the following features, the reason isn’t a wild guess.


1. It is an inflatable kayak made with 18 gauge PVC, and thus highly durable. When that’s added to the tarpaulin bottom covered by 840D nylon, you will never have to worry about punctures.
2. It also uses Boston valves to ease inflation, and deflation and its airtight system are designed to withstand leaks. However, if the worst happens, its many air chambers will help you stay afloat.
3. On board are mesh storage pockets for your valuables. Everything else is then held using D-Rings for accessibility.
4. One extra feature that makes this kayak amazing is the already fitted Sevylor trolling motor. As you survey the calm waters, perhaps fishing with your partner, don’t worry about the safety of your paddles as you can secure them well on board.
5. It is pretty easy to inflate and transport. However, when fully inflated, it can hold two individuals whose maximum combined weight is 470 pounds. With no pressure, it is easily foldable and weighs just 41 lbs.



  • Inflates and deflates in minutes
  • Steady and stable in water surfaces – both rough and calm
  • Made to last
  • With its bag, packing isn’t a problem
  • Enough storage pockets to accommodate your essential tools
  • Movable, adjustable and comfortable seats
  • Chambered inflation means that you won’t drown when it leaks on water
  • Easily usable pressure gauge


  • It is a great utility vessel, but its Boston valves can be unreliable. Additionally, you will never replace its seats when they wear out.


One impressive feature about Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is the fact that it is for everyone – experienced and novices. It is a tandem fishing kayak, but can still offer leisure moments. Remember, you can paddle solo. It is an ideal option.

10. Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak

sevylor fiji

Experience the comfort and convenience of an inflatable fishing kayak that’s taunted as the best for beginners without paying a fortune. Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak isn’t a regular kayak, both in its construction and how it works. Firstly, this two-person kayak comes with a fixed seat in the back and a removable front one.

For its buoyancy, stability and your safety on the water, it semi-rigid I-beam floor and three separate air chambers keep it better suited for its job. The 22-gauge PVC construction makes it one of the best tandem fishing kayaks that guarantee years of constant usage. Moreover, its Double Lock Fast Valves allows swift inflation, normally in minutes.


1. Its spray covers, the first of its kind, keeps you dry as you paddle.
2. When fully inflated, Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak extends to 10 ft and will accommodate 400 pounds worth of weight. It means that its two occupants can easily paddle with comfort and still have their necessary gear on board.
3. Its 22-gauge PVC construction offers the durability desired by most of its users, not to mention the airtight system that makes it tight in water. In the case of a snag, relax and paddle to the shore as the air chambers will keep your kayak afloat.
4. This sit-in kayak is made to stay stable in water and comes with a 5-piece touring paddle for calm paddles. It is a 3-chambered kayak whose floor
5. The travel bag makes it possible to deflate it, fold and carry without problems.
6. It comes with a 90-day warranty



  • Stable, comfortable paddle
  • Lightweight and made to last
  • Easy to inflate, deflate, fold and transport
  • NMMA certified to carry up to 400lb
  • Perfect for starters


  • Doesn’t come with three essential accessories – a skeg, a pump and a superior quality paddle and you will need to buy them.


Much has been said and a lot has been written about the best tandem fishing kayaks of 2017. While you are confident of getting the best kayaking experience with other tandem kayaks, Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak offers the same experience, but with comfort and style. If you are a starter looking to join the growing world of kayakers, it’s recommended that you opt for this one.

Best Tandem Fishing Kayak – Ultimate Buyers Guide

Apparently, kayaking is a growing form of recreational outing. It helps exercise as you survey the environment and the beauty of challenging rivers and lakes. But, as the acceptance unfolds, understanding the best tandem fishing kayak is proving harder than it was.

Are you planning to shop for a tandem fishing kayak for your own recreational outings?


Shorter kayaks aren’t the best because they are comparatively slower and less stable. Additionally, they can easily topple over. So, as you shop for a family kayak, insist on longer, broader options. They tend to perform better speed-wise and are readily stable, even in rough waters.


Sit on top kayakers are common amongst anglers as they are roomy and easy to wade out in extreme cases. However, they can be wet in rough conditions, which isn’t perfect for a family outing. Sit in tandem kayaks are equally spacious, but more stable than the other ones because the center of gravity is low.


It isn’t common to buy a motor-powered tandem kayak, although they aren’t as better suited for the job as the padded ones. Padded tandem kayaks that can accommodate three individuals are often the best.


The main reason for the popularity of inflatable kayaks in the mainstream is their light-weightedness. Lightweight kayaks that are compact are stable and better for a family outing.


Of course, any tandem kayak that can support larger masses is perfect. However, if it is longer, wider and can allow up to 500lbs, bank on it.


For its durability, insist on a tandem kayak whose construction ensures that it lasts for years. Luckily, almost all plastic and PVC kayaks offer that.


As one of the universal factors, comfortability is expected. But, improper placement of accessories can hamper the achievement of the convenience. Check if the seats are adjustable too.


If it has all that you need and doesn’t cost a fortune, give it a shot. However, before taking the plunge, consult the web and check out user reviews so that you know what to expect on the package.


Who said that you couldn’t get an ingeniously designed tandem kayak that can accommodate you and your two partners? From the list of the ten best tandem fishing kayaks, it’s pretty clear that all the main features including durability, portability and stability are emphasized. As you hunt for a great fishing kayak, ensure that any chosen one suits what the buyer’s guide advocates for.