tactical knife
tactical knife

The best tactical knife is
defined by what the user expects from the knife. Civilians who are looking for
a knife for self-defense will probably need a different knife than a soldier on
the battlefield. Here are a few good tactical knives that you should consider.

1. KUBEY FKU110 Force Assisted
Opening Tactical Folding Knife



The KUBEY FKU110 Force Assisted
Opening Tactical Folding Knife is designed by a highly respected knife-fighting
expert. With this folding knife got the best


-It uses the highly effective
blade, which is widely recognized for its cutting ability by transmitting all
the energy to the tip.


-The blade has a straight blade,
hollow blade of M390 steel.


-The knife handle uses a very
stable polymer resin. With it the tactical pocket knife will not slip out of
the user’s hand, even if it should be wet from sweat or blood.


-They are developed to be used
with in the position where the thumb lies on the knife back. This gives the
user a very strong grip and maximum cutting performance.


The KUBEY FKU110 enjoys a high
demand from people who know and love fine tactical knives since it was
introduced. The price is $153.85.




2. BucknBear Custom Handmade
Hunting Knife


This fixed blade knife is
nothing but pure tactics. A look is enough to understand that it is made for
serious matters.


The blade has an edged
clip-point blade. The blade is made of 154CM steel and treated with heat, thus
showing a rockwell hardness of 59-61. This means that the tactical knife is
very hard and can be shaved sharply. The blade has a black coating which
reduces visibility in poor light conditions and helps prevent corrosion.


The handle is made of a high
quality polymer that occurs in various forms. The center of the handle is
extremely hard, while the surface is soft and textured so that the user can
maintain a secure grip under all conditions.


In short, this knife performs
well and looks good.




3. Buck CSAR-T


The Buck CSAR-T is a highly
acclaimed, reliable tactical knife of the Bundeswehr , which has long been
valued both as a tactical combat knife for the military as well as for outdoor
use. It also features a back saw and a wire cutter, come from the renowned
German trade fairs Solingen.


The Buck CSAR-T tactical knife
with a total length of 33 cm, a blade length of 17 cm and a weight of approx.
290 grams.


The Buck CSAR-T tactical knife
has a fixed blade with combos or flat ground, both available.


This is 17 cm long and 5 mm
thick, is made of 154CM stainless steel and has an additional black coating as
special anti-corrosion protection.


The blade of the Buck CSAR-T is
incredibly robust. The steel is graded 56 with the Rockwell scale and is
therefore quite resistant and with a medium cutting edge.

Find the latest price here




4. Griptilian 551 Knife


It is also made for the
professionals and can be used both in the tactical area and in other situations


The Griptilian 551 Knife blade
is made of high quality, 154cm steel. It is a tactical knife with a more than
12cm long blade with pronounced waves, which has fantastic good saw quality.


Overall, the knife is 26.8 cm
long and weighing a total of 561 grams. This makes the Griptilian 551 Knife
clearly in the upper weight range. Correspondingly, the punch-through force,
but so easy to carry around with it would be rather not.


For the rescue or special
purpose, the steel-reinforced handle end is used for driving auto-windows or
similar. Something special are the soft-grip, which are stripped against
electric shock.


The fixed tactical knife plus an
uncompact tactical blade is delivered in the compatible standard with a belt
and an integrated sharpener.


With just under $119.00 the Griptilian 551 Knife offers a better
price-performance ratio.




5. ESEE 5P

ESEE 5P Black Tactical Survival KnifeThe ESEE 5P Survival knife is
made for the tougher gait. The total length with 28.5 cm and the blade length
with 15.5 cm are also close.


And then also the blade
thickness with a full 5 mm, there one can imagine, which punching force the
blade possesses.


The vanadium steel provides for
the correspondingly required robustness and resistance of the blade.
Specifically, the steel is indicated with molybdenum vanadium 58 and HRC
hardness of 56-58.


The grip material also suggests
a heavy duty insert, because it is not only very slip resistant in all weather
conditions, but also very sturdy.




6. 0010BLK Tactical Pen Knife

Zero Tolerance #0010BLK Tactical Pen Knife


The 0010BLK Tactical Pen Knife
is much cheaper than the knives presented above. However, this does not mean
that there is a clear tactical knife of poor quality. A Karambit is a good
knife for self-defense, but also for the merciless attack.


The sickle-like shape
facilitates particularly pulling cuts. However, it requires special exercise
and skill to be able to appreciate this knife properly.


The all-steel construction is
black coated and made of AUS-6. The knife weighs only 156 grams with a total
length of 22.5.


The blade length of 10 cm is
thus in the lower range. However, the blade thickness is surprisingly sturdy,
you might not have thought. A total of 4.4 mm – this can be a real self-defense


If this is the case, then the
brand is known, too, because it really stands for tactical extreme knives and
is a guarantee for quality and functionality in the tactical field.




7. Gerber LMF II Tac Knife

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

The Gerber LMF II Tac Knife is one of the more
affordable tactical knives with a good reputation.


What you get for your money, can
still be seen. The 420HC stainless steel is passable and easy to sharpen.


Although the knife has a
Spearpoint shape and actually a Kombi-ship, however, the knife is very lasting
for a tactical knife.


With a total length of 20 cm,
the blade itself is only 8.5 cm long.


But if you are looking forward
to everyday wear, let this one-hand knife open with a solid flipper – a board


The processing is ok, but as a
tactical knife I would rather not use it in case of hardship, although the price-performance
ratio can really be seen.


In addition there is an
integrated glass breaker and a belt pocket.




8. Fox Extreme Tactical Trakker
Kukri Knives



As the name suggests, this is
“more” than just a tactical deployment knife. Or put another way, the
focus is on a different application area.


But that does not mean that this
knife has nothing to offer. The fixed blade of 10.5 cm is made of high quality


Unfortunately, the blade is then
but only 2.7mm strong. This is ok, but for the complete outdoor area and in
addition still rescue, as advertised – which I consider for something


But also the ergonomic handles
can convince at this price, they are on slip-resistant carbon fiber.


It is pleasantly light, but for
my taste something too easy for an all-rounder and outdoor all-rounder with 145


It is delivered with a nylon bag
and a fire stone – very practical. The back saw is completely useless.


The bottom line is a suitable
knife for the price, but it does not have any special tactical qualities.




9. Black Rhino knife

black rhino knife

The Black Rhino knife is
significantly larger and heavier than the other two knives of the more
affordable version.


With a total length of 26 cm, a
blade length of 12.4 cm and a weight of 215 grams, a little more than 420 steel
is desired. Yes, 420, the description on Amazon is not correct.


That leaves desires open. But
this is probably no wonder with the steel and only with spin off manufacturers.


But at least the focus here is
on the tactical element. Practically at hand height you can attach the tactical
knife to the thigh with the support system and it is supplied with a fire
starter and belt cutter.


But, like so many others, everyone
has to decide for themselves.




10. Cudeman 299-B

Cudeman 299-BThe Cudeman 299-B is a tactical
knife which is quite unusual compared to the others


The tactical knife in the push
dagger style (also called the knife) is very easy to conceal and yet
extraordinarily lethal. As the last desperate defense for a police officer or
special unit, this little knife can mean the crucial difference between life
and death.


The knife has a long handle that
fits well into the user’s palm. The user then forms a fist so that the
two-edged blade blade protrudes from the front of the fist. Think of the comic
hero Wolverine and you get a good idea of how that looks.


The Cudeman 299-B can be used
either in a cutting or slashing motion. The great thing about this knife: even
a relatively inexperienced user can lead it effectively. Plus, it’s almost
impossible to disarm the user in combat.


The blade is made of black
skinplastics and has a double, flat ground edge.


The Cudeman 299-B can be
connected to MOLLE equipment, to a backpack, belt or boat – essentially
wherever it does not bother, but within reach for an emergency. The price is
$165.00, which is a very favorable.




11. CDS-Survival MOVA-58


If you want a survival knife
that meets all standards, there is a name that you can trust: CDS-Survival
MOVA-58! Known for their exceptional quality, this brand offers some very good
survival knives in the middle price class.




For what is this model suitable?
Actually, for everything. Is it worth buying this model? Absolute. It has been
extensively tested by the military and police personnel and is also used there.
The approx. 15 cm drop point blade made of 1095 steel, coated with a black
coating, has a Rockwell hardness of 55-57.




The ergonomic grip design with
the Micarta grips is very good and full in the hand. At the outstanding
CDS-Survival MOVA-58 survival knife is equipped with an eyelet, for attaching a
lanyard. The scabbard from holds the knife securely and firmly and can be
attached with a clip.




The CDS-Survival MOVA-58
survival knife is a great Survival knife, not only because of its excellent and
functional design but also the great equipment of this knife.




12. The MT-5 “Kunitza”




The MT-5 “Kunitza” has
made it into our top 10 survival knives.
This survival knife is equipped with innovative features that few other
survival knives have. We were initially skeptical about this knife named MT-5
“Kunitza” (there was a lot of
marketing in the game), but frankly, we were pretty impressed.




The 12 cm long, smooth blade
consists of the stainless 9Cr19MoV steel with a glass bead-blasted finish. The
knife handle is made of a non-slip TacHide material and is enclosed by a hammer
surface made of stainless steel. Several handle holes allow a versatile
attachment of this Survival knife. For survival very useful accessories are
delivered in the form of a fire station, a keeper and a signal whistle. A
sheath made of a nylon / plastic combination is supplied for the accommodation
of knives and Survival accessories.




MT-5 “Kunitza” is much
better than its predecessor. (Better), better arrangement of the accessories
(fire starter points now upwards and is not so easily lost, the Survival guide
delivered is better accommodated).




13. Cold Steel Recon I Series




This Survival knife has been
designed for the toughest military use and is also an operational and survival
knife. The 12.6 cm long, black anodized, stainless blade of high-quality 420HC
steel with its powerful partial saw tooth is perfect for Survival and very
sharply sharpened.




The Cold Steel Recon I Series
knife handle from TacHide ensures optimum support and is even insulated from
the 220 volt electrical shock. At the end of the handle is a solid steel
element , which was designed as a hammer for impacting discs. With the two
openings at the front of the handle, the knife can also be turned into a spear
and fastened to the tip. The scabbard made of a solid nylon / plastic
combination is equipped with an
integrated knife sharpener.




14. Kizlyar KK0004 Alpha D2




From Russia comes the very high
quality Kizlyar KK0004 Alpha D2survival knife. The Survival knife for hard use!
Adapted to the requirements of the Russia military, the A1 makes everything
possible in an emergency. Despite its size, the Kizlyar KK0004 Alpha D2 is
supple and balanced, and at international level is one of the best survival
knives available for money. The 16 cm long blade of the knife is extremely hard
(60 HRC) and is made of stainless, laminated VG-10 steel.




The cutting performance of this
knife is absolutely fantastic, whether you cut, chop or baton. With the Kizlyar
KK0004 Alpha D2 survival knife these tasks are no problem.




The handle is ergonomically
shaped, so the knife fits perfectly in the hand. The knife is delivered with a
handy leather or plastic sheath so that you can safely stow the knife and carry
it with you.4




The survival knife Kizlyar
KK0004 Alpha D2 is in our opinion one of the best knives for Survival on the
market. It is not cheap, but this knife is a purchase for life. You will love
this knife.




15. SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife




Stable, powerful, legendary, the
SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife, is simple, and does his job. If you are looking for
a virtually indestructible survival
knife or a compact (but very thick) survival knife, do not make any mistakes
with the BK-2.




For fishing fish, the SOG Pent
Arc Folding Knife is less suitable due to the large blade thickness, but if you
are looking for a compact survival knife which is also suitable for wood splits
or other coarser work and does not take any machete-like dimensions, it is
certainly good with the SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife cheaply operated!




In addition to the SOG Pent Arc
Folding Knife also produces the famous USMC combat knife. This knife is also a
good decision if you are looking for a stable survival knife.




16. Cold Steel Recon 1




The Cold Steel Recon 1 is a
light, robust, very sharp, high-strength; solid stainless steel survival knife
is a working bull and not a knife for the display case.




The blade is 3.2 mm thick and
10.8 cm long, the blade is coated with a black coating to protect it against
corrosion and protects the blade from rust. Although the Cold Steel Recon 1 has
no passing Earl (goes only to the rear quarter of the handle), the Cold Steel
Recon 1 knife makes a lot with the hard bush craft and survival.




It can easily be sharpened
without having to be a professional in it. The simple black plastic sheath
holds the knife securely and releases it easily again. On the vagina is a
fire-steel and a diamond-grindstone.




17. Crooked River 15080 Knife




Crooked River 15080 Knife is an
excellent choice for those people who prefer a carbon steel instead of
stainless steels because of their higher stability and convenience of




This outstanding survival knife
is also recommended for people with small money bags. With the Crooked River
15080 Knife you get a lot of knives for little money.




The Crooked River 15080 Knife is
very good in the hand, has a massive blade, with which one can easily hack
thick branches. Fine work is still very good despite the size.




Thanks to the attachment
possibility for MOLLE systems, the vagina can also be attached to backpacks
with a corresponding system, but can also be worn simply and plainly on the




18. ISAK-Black Survival Knife




The ISAK-Black Survival Knife is
an incredibly well-designed knife. The processing is as usual with precise,
clean and genuine value work. This survival knife is absolutely neat processed
and comes with a shaving cut. The relatively heavy knife with its G10 handle
shells is perfectly in the hand.


The ISAK-Black Survival Knife
with a 360 degree rotating metal clip holds the knife securely. On the vagina
is still a fire steel attached and with the whistle on the ball chain has here
a complete package.




19. MFK-04G2 Generation 2




The MFK-04G2 Generation 2 has to
be held once in order to be able to assess it. One holds then a really stable
and sharp Survival knife from high-quality Hardcore Hardware Australia steel in
the hand.




The MFK-04G2 Generation 2 to
make the world’s strongest and sharpest knives were implemented with this Survival
knife. There was a knife without a bell with which you can do almost anything.




So if you are looking for a real
good survival knife that can plug in a lot, the MFK-04G2 Generation 2 is just
right – you get a great knife made of great materials with a very good price /
performance ratio!




20. ISAK-Black Knife with
Titanium Finish




It features a liner lock and a
flipper for convenient and quick opening. This additional function is possible
through the nose at the blade attachment. When the knife is closed, the nose
protrudes from the blade back and is opened with the index finger.




Another advantage is that the
flipper can be used as a paring element when the knife is open, thus providing
additional grip safety. The wide blade has a partial wavy finish and is matt
black. The extraordinary look is complemented by a second-sided mounting clip,
a strap eyelet and a glass breaker.


A snap strap and a nylon holster
are included. The handle has a slightly higher weight than the blade, which is
why the knife is particularly handy. The liner lock locks perfectly, the blade
is secure and has no scope.








In this sense, which of these is
the best tactical knife? This decision can only be made by you under careful
consideration of the purpose of the use, namely, the purchase of the tactical