best backpacking tents

Outdoor adventurers pack plenty of gear that makes their life easier when out in the field. Nature can be just as brutal as it is beautiful and because of that, you always need to come prepared. Having a safe shelter from the raging storm, blizzard and even the blazing sun is a must!

We created a review list that will show you the advantages and disadvantages of some of the best backpacking tents on the market. These have everything any modern outdoor enthusiast needs – no matter the climate or terrain conditions. Keep reading to find out more and even learn some of the basics.


alps mountaineering lynx

For those of you who are looking for an affordable and easy to set up tent – ALPS Mountaineering Lynx might be worth your consideration. It offers lots of functionality while also keeping the price reasonably affordable. So, let us go into more detail and find out why this product made it on our “best of” list.


  1. Allows for a quick and easy assembly in the field
  2. Half mesh walls allow excellent ventilation and air flow
  3. Easy one door entry and a single vestibule for storage
  4. Full factory sealed fly and floor seams for all round weather protection
  5. Comes with 7075 aluminum stakes, mesh storage pocket, guy ropes and gear loft
  6. Measures 32 x 90 36 inches and weighs 4 pounds

Outdoor enthusiasts like to pack and carry lots of gear so bringing along a tent must be a choice without any tradeoffs. This model, being lightweight, doesn’t increase overall carrying weight and thus doesn’t represent a great increase in burden. Once folded and packed, it will easily fit any larger outdoor backpack or fit under its back-end strap area.

Getting it set up and fully open is fast, and because of the floor, you can easily do the whole process from the inside while being fully protected from harsh outdoor conditions. The high-quality fabric stops rain, snow, and wind from penetrating the inside space and keeps its occupant always dry. Because door and two side openings feature a mesh structure, it will always provide a steady airflow for proper ventilation without letting in wind and cold or heat.



  • Fast and easy to set up and pack in a matter of minutes
  • Excellent protection from any and all types of weather
  • High-quality materials with low overall weight
  • Affordable price for the quality you get


  • Lack of integrated floor saver
  • Rain fly doesn’t go all the way down


sundome 2 person tent

For lots of room and plenty of comforts, Sundome 2-Person Tent represents great value for couples that venture outdoors. The stable dome structure offers a decent amount of height which makes it very spacious and practical. It’s easy to set up and features some clever tricks so let’s explore this great outdoor product in more detail.


  1. Allows for a quick and easy assembly in the field
  2. Coated polyester walls and a 1000D polyethylene floor
  3. Two big windows allow excellent ventilation and air flow
  4. Included rainfly for extra weather protection
  5. One zippered Electrical Access Port to run AC power into the tent
  6. Features all round weather protection
  7. Comes with two fiberglass poles, carry sack, and guy ropes
  8. Measures 42 x 59 x 82 inches with 48 inches of height
  9. Weighs 7.5 pounds

Being able to setup everything in adverse weather conditions is always convenient and in some cases lifesaving. We appreciate how this two person tent allows us fully set it up in a matter of minutes. Once it is up, you get enough room inside where two adults can get comfy and sleep with not that much extra room to spare.

The convenient electrical access port is a standout feature as it will allow you to run AC power into the tent to power or recharge any electrical device that you will probably have with you. The ground and top vents along with two windows create airflow that makes for a pleasant stay while you’re inside. The use of high-quality materials makes this a tent that can stand even the most brutal weather conditions.



  • Quick to set up and pack for a two-person size tent
  • Full protection from any and all types of weather
  • High-quality materials with a reasonable overall weight
  • Affordable price for the quality features you get


  • Not that roomy for two persons inside
  • Fiberglass poles can break easily


akps mounteering meramac 2 person

The use of high-quality all-weather proof materials is a must for any mountaineering gear as is the case with ALPS Meramec 2-Person model. It’s made to protect its occupant even in coldest mountain tops where wind speeds reach extreme values. So, it’s definitely worth your consideration if you plan a hiking or a climbing trip in either warm or cold climate.


  1. Quick set up even in adverse weather conditions
  2. High durability, weather proof 75D fly, walls and floor
  3. Two accessible entry doors with a single zip operation
  4. Two zippered windows and large side mesh panels for ventilation
  5. Included rain cover for extra weather protection
  6. Features mesh storage pockets and a gear loft
  7. Comes with two fiberglass poles, steel stakes, and guy ropes
  8. Measures 48 x 90 x 60 inches, weight – 8 pounds
  9. Limited Lifetime Warranty

By using the 75D polyester material, ALPS ensures that it’s Meramec tents can stay dry and safe from both high-speed winds and heavy rain. The coated outer surface even keeps the occupants’ safe from harmful UV rays too. Even the zippers got a weatherproof treatment to ensure no leaks can ever occur in harsh outdoor conditions.

Two entry doors are very convenient, so you will be able to enter and exit without disturbing the second person inside. Large mesh panels and windows provide plenty of air flow for the inner space, and once you want to seal them shut, you can do so just as easily using zippers. The spacious inner area offers a decent amount of room even for two taller adults and their gear.



  • Fast and easy to set up and pack up design
  • Superb protection from every type of weather
  • Excellent quality materials all round
  • Good price for the included features


  • Not as spacious for a two-person tent
  • Not that lightweight for extended hauls
  • Floor material not that good


mountainsmith morrison 2 person

Looking for more room and plenty space for two people and all of their gear? Perhaps Mountainsmith Morrison might be an excellent choice. It is a spacious tent that is suitable for use in all types of weather and all regions of the globe.


  1. Plenty of room for two adults and gear inside
  2. Free standing design
  3. High durability, weather proof 190T polyester material
  4. High-quality YKK zippers
  5. Two accessible entry doors and vestibules
  6. Two zippered windows and large side mesh panels for ventilation
  7. Tent fly ventilation windows
  8. Bathtub floor construction
  9. Removable gear loft and Interior mesh storage pockets
  10. Set-up instructions printed on the stuff sack
  11. Measures 92 x 56 x 43 inches, weight – 5 pounds
  12. Limited Lifetime Warranty

With a total of 35 square feet of interior space, you will have plenty of interior room even for the rest of your gear. That is unless you don’t want to use the 17 square feet volume of the vestibule area. Even with such a large outer surface area, because of the free-standing design, this is a complete wind and waterproof portable shelter.

We like the fact that this tent interior is always well ventilated and condensation-free thanks to the fly windows. Mesh wall panels are specially designed to provide maximum airflow for keeping two occupants comfortable during the night, no matter the weather outside. For added convenience, there is also a detachable ceiling loft and interior mesh storage too.  Also, the printed instruction manual on the outer surface of the carrying sack is a nice touch.



  • Great design allows fast assembly
  • Excellent water and weather protection
  • Features high-quality, durable materials
  • Lots of inner space for two adults
  • Plenty of internal and external storage options


  • Premium price
  • Not very lightweight


alps mountaineering mystique 1.0 tent

For solo campers that want plenty of room for themselves and their gear – ALPS Mystique 1.0 is a tent worth consideration. It offers lots of room, keeps you dry even in pouring rain and it is lightweight enough not to burden you too much when you carry it alongside other of your gear. It is surprisingly rare to find a product of this quality and features at such an affordable price.


  1. Fast set up in all weather conditions
  2. Non-freestanding two pole design
  3. High durability, weather proof polyester fabric
  4. Factory Sealed Fly and Floor Seam Provides Weather Protection
  5. Mesh doors for easy entry and ventilation
  6. Includes 7075 aluminum stakes, guy ropes, mesh storage pocket
  7. Measures 48 x 94 x 36 inches, weight – 4 pounds
  8. Limited Lifetime Warranty

The first thing that you notice is how light the whole package is once you start assembling it. Because of the practical two pole design, you can get it set up and packed in a matter of minutes. We must point out the lack of the instruction manual that would help beginners with the whole assembly process.

Once fully in place, the Mystique 1.0 Tent offers plenty of useful space inside for both the user and any gear. The mesh door allows easy entry and exit, and they can still be easily zippered to make the whole outer structure wind and waterproof in case of severe weather outside. We like that with the vestibule we can store boots and smaller gear outside and still keep it safe from the elements.



  • Two pole design allows fast assembly and disassembly
  • Superb protection against all types of weather
  • Low overall weight makes it very easy to carry
  • Spacious and well ventilated interior space
  • Great price for the whole package


  • Cannot free stand at all due to design
  • Not as comfy for taller users


Before stepping outside, you have to make sure that you’re carrying decent gear that will keep you safe from the weather conditions at all times. Not doing so might be disastrous to your outdoor adventure and force you very disappointed. No one likes to pack up and leave sooner than planned so you should always take certain precautions to stop that from ever happening.

Having reliable and high-quality gear means you won’t have to worry about anything and leave you to focus on your stay in nature. After a day filled with excitement, having a place where you will be able to rest and relax is a must. It is why having the best backpacking tents ensures that you will recover and have enough stamina for the following day.

Here are some of the pointers that will help you choose the right model for your outdoor activity and keep you well-rested and safe from any weather.


Whether you go out alone or in the group, you should always make plans when it comes to the internal volume capacity of tents. You can choose one, two, three person models that will hold enough of people and gear at once. There are even bigger models although those are hardly practical to be carried over longer distances.

Most of the models have additional storage pockets and compartments that make your life easier when you’re out in the field. After all, you should always consider the space that your backpack will be possibly occupying on the inside. If additional space is a must for you – go for models with vestibules for more additional storage space.

tent size


Sure, that it ‘d be good to have an as spacious tent as possible however increase in size and internal space usually means added weight. It usually means more burden on your back and more bulk on an already crowded backpack. If you carry lots of equipment and fill your bags to the maximum capacity then perhaps you should look for tents that weigh from 2 to 4 pounds max.

On the other hand, if your free stay includes lots of stays inside then you can choose heavier models that offer plenty of room. If you venture out with a team, then it would be a good idea to share the weight and distribute it so that you can bring tents that can hold more than three people at once. Whatever the case, always pack according to your plans, and you will never go wrong with your choice.


Experienced hikers and climbers know what it means to have a tent that can be set up in a matter of minutes. While you might not see the reasoning for this at first, it is mostly because you probably never experienced being in the middle of a violent blizzard. When the weather starts to be violent – you want to get inside a shelter as soon as possible.

No matter where you plan on going, we always suggest that you go for models that are easy to setup as quickly as possible. Packing speed is not that important, and usually, the rule is – if it is quick to assemble it is even faster to disassemble. A word of advice – if you go for the bigger tents always have in mind that you will need additional help to set it up which usually takes more time.


Need we say that your tents should always protect you from outside weather conditions? As a good rule of thumb – you will never go wrong with buying water resistant models. If you already own the ones that are not for the rainy days – get a rain cover that will protect you from both wind and rainfall. Most of the newer covers also protect from UV rays too which is ideal for high-altitude adventures and stays in very hot climates.

The use of modern materials like nylon, polyurethane, and polyester usually guarantees protection from the wind, water, and dust to some extent. If you plan on going in high-speed wind areas, then you should always get a tent that will keep you and your gear safe from violent gusts. Similarly, if you are on an expedition in snow covered terrain – go for models that have a thicker floor and walls which will protect you from cold.


When you are staying out at the mercy of the weather with only thin walls of your tent as protection, you want to have a steady flow of air to keep you at an optimal temperature. Most of the modern models come with meshes and fly windows are adjustable according to your needs. Premium ones even feature advanced design ventilation directing shafts that allow improved cooling performance.

The last thing you want in the freezing outside temps to wake up sweaty and find condensation inside your backpacks and your tent. Good ventilation is a must no matter if you’re staying in arid, tropical or snow-covered regions. Always choose models that offer airflow enabling windows, door openings or mesh covers.


Living in the 21. Century has its perks, and it allows us to enjoy in features that were not available from as little as even 15 years ago. Some of the newly designed tents come with plenty of useful tricks that will make your outdoor time much more comfortable. If you want to make your free stay more pleasant, then you should pick fully featured models that include some clever tricks.

Electricals AC ports, solar tiles for charging up electrical devices and airflow directing, sophisticated meshes, for improved ventilation, are only some of the benefits of the modern design. Double doors, top mounted storage pockets for gear and UV filters are now a standard feature available on most models. If you like having fully featured gear, then you might want to choose models with some of these useful additions and accessories.


You simply cannot go wrong by selecting any backpack tent models from this list. All of them are high performers that offer excellent weather protection and pure convenience that outdoor adventurers will appreciate. Of course, depending on your budget and your requirements, some of these might not be right for you.
The definitive backpack of our choice would be ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1- Person Tent due to its affordable price, its stellar performance in real-life conditions and excellent overall build quality. It is easy to setup even in the worst possible weather, and it protects its occupant no matter what is happening outside. It is a choice of extreme terrain going hikers and climbers that readily trust it with their lives and rely on its durability and reliability. Most importantly, it offers plenty of functionality while having only a few minor disadvantages.

We hope that our article has shed some light on this topic and that it will assist you to find your preferred model among these best backpacking tents currently available on the market.

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