We’re a team of recreational kayakers and canoers who know a lot about these things, and we have decided to gather up and help the novices in the world of kayaking and canoeing by writing professional reviews and articles about these versatile watercrafts. The first steps in this world can be very hard, especially if you know next to nothing about these things – there are dozens and dozens of different kayaks and canoes on the market, and it can be incredibly hard to find out which one of them is actually worth the money and which of them can be considered for purchase.

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And that’s why our reviews and articles are here – they will help you find out everything about the certain kayak’s or canoe’s design, features, accessories, advantages, and disadvantages. We approach every review very seriously, testing everything that there is to be tested in the most professional and detailed way. We’re not biased towards any company or a brand, which means that our reviews are as honest as possible and that we’re never skipping to mention the possible flaws. We certainly don’t want our readers to end up with faulty or unusable products!

We’d like you to recommend our website to your kayaking and canoeing friends, as it is our mission to make this site the best place for all enthusiasts of this kind. You can be sure that we’ll always deliver the tests and reviews of the newest and the most popular paddling watercrafts on the market, giving you an insight into the latest technologies and the materials that are used in their manufacture. We’ll also bring you the information about the accessories and the apparel needed for this sport – all you need to do is to relax and read about your favorite activity!